Building Loving Families Through Domestic Adoption

Families Are Forever is an innovative education program designed to prepare adoptive families for the joys and challenges of domestic adoption. In this foundational phase of ‘Families Are Forever’ you’ll begin to understand the lives of children who come from a place most likely very different from your own. Rooted in the work of Dr. Karyn Purvis and Trust-Based Relational Intervention™ (TBRI), these courses will provide a strong foundation for parenting. You will gain the knowledge and tools necessary to best meet your child’s needs as you welcome them into your home and family.

This phase totals 16 hours of pre-adoptive training.

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Class 101D:

Preparing for the Journey of Adoption

In this class, we’ll explore Dr. Karyn Purvis’s 7 Insights and 7 Gifts that you can give to your adoptive child. We draw heavily from Dr. Purvis’s and her colleague, Dr. David Cross’s work throughout this program and their words will inspire you for the journey ahead. This video introduces the challenges of adoption and the ways you can empower your child to trust and heal.

1.5 Hours • $35
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Class 102D

Introduction to Trust-Based Relational Intervention™

This class lays the foundation for most of the Trust-Based Relational Intervention™ (TBRI) teachings of this entire program. Much of the information that we’ll examine will be drawn from this material.

1.5 Hours • $35
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Class 103D

Domestic Open Adoption

This course shines a light on what the possibilities are for both families and children in an open adoption. We approach this topic with realistic expectations and hope for each member of the triad – first families, adoptive parents, and children. Through the voices of experience, we will step into the stories of several experienced families and do our best to cultivate understanding and create intentional steps forward for adoptive families.

2 Hours • $35
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Class 104D

Understanding Children’s Development

The mystery of how your child becomes the small person you will meet some day begins with their developing brain and body—how does this development affect their emotional and behavioral make up? In this course, we’ll learn from the Karyn Purvis Institute of Child Development’s “Children from Hard Places and the Brain.” This video covers topics such as institutionalization and development and challenges parents to think about what it means to come from a hard place.  This teaching will start your exploration of what we hope will be a life-long desire to learn just ‘how and why’ children are who they are and how we as parents can be an enormous part of their healing. We’ll cover how the brain develops, the impact of trauma and institutionalization and how you can help change your child’s brain development through attachment.

1.75 Hours • $35
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Class 105D

Common Medical Conditions

Raising children who come into your home ‘naturally’ or those who come from another first home both have the possibility of health needs outside your skill and knowledge area. Welcome to the world of parenting! In this class, we will share some of the common medical needs of children and hear how their needs can be met with understanding and compassion.

2 Hours • $35
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Class 106D

Understanding Attachment

In this class, we will look at what healthy attachment looks like and how your attachment style as a parent can ease your relationship with a new child. Understanding attachment is an important part of every relationship—this video will give you the insights needed to start your own voyage of personal discovery as well as give you practical tools for purposeful connection with your child.

1.5 Hours • $30
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Class 107D

Developing Attachment

The more you know about how to engage your child in the ‘attachment dance’ the more healing you’ll be able to bring and the more peace there will be in your home. This course offers some tools for engaging with a child from a hard place. We’ll also learn about incorporating mindfulness about where your child has come from, where he or she is developmentally, and how to gauge your interaction for healing.

1.75 Hours • $35
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Class 108D

Transracial Adoption: Building Cultural Awareness

If your child looks different than what you see when you look in the mirror, then there will be ‘blending’ needed. Yes, we are all the same on the inside, but learning to acknowledge, celebrate, and understand cultural differences will be a life-long journey for your family. Take steps with this course in deepening your sensitivity and opening your heart for those who are different from you. In this course, we’ll also explore transracial adoption from the point of view of both adoptive parents and transracial adoptees.

1.5 Hours • $35
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Class 109D

FASD for Pre-Adoptive Families

In this class, we will explore Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FASDs) in depth. A child with a diagnosis of FASD can display a range of behaviors both challenging and puzzling to parents. From signs and symptoms to diagnoses and treatment strategies, we’ll hear from medical professionals and adoptive families who have experienced and are currently walking the daily adventure of raising children with FASDs.

1.5 Hours • $35
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Class 110D

Developing an Adoption Profile

For a Domestic Adoption, creating an adoption profile that highlights how and why your family is prepared to bring an adoptive child into your home is an important step. In this class, we’ll examine the best practices and examples of adoption profiles that you can use to create your own profile.

1 Hour • $35
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