Learning to Connect with Your Child

Our advanced level courses were created to take parents deeper into the subjects of bonding and attachment and the practical how-tos of parenting a child from a hard place using Trust-Based Relational Intervention (TBRI®).  These classes—while both practical and idea-rich—will add valuable insights into the personalities and temperaments of each individual in your home. Through each series of articles, videos, and assessments, you’ll learn how to further connect and engage with your child. We’ll explore obstacles and challenges, and the tools needed to develop a healthy, secure bond. In our advanced level classes, you will also delve further into your own background and learn how you can heal and grow into even better and more prepared parents.

The 8 classes in this bundle total 20 hours.

Class 201

The Importance of Playful Engagement

In this class, we’ll discuss how to confront challenging moments through playful interaction, and provide practical tools for daily encouragement for children with a background of trauma. This class also explores ways to make play fun for yourself and your child, and why play can often be difficult for adults.

2.0 Hours • $60
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Class 202

Healing and Healthy Touch

Everyone needs physical affection, but it can be difficult to know where to start when or healthy touch has been absent. This course offers practical tools based in TBRI® for how to be affectionate with a child from a hard place, as well as how to recognize and bring healing to sexualized behavior and understand healthy touch. The 40-minute TBRI® video, “Healthy Touch” is included in this course.

2 Hours • $60
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Class 203

Exploring the Sensory World

This course explores the ways in which we experience the world through the 5 senses and different coping mechanisms for sensory overload. In this segment, we’ll also discuss the importance of respect for our own, as well as our children’s bodies. The 90-minute TBRI®-focused video “A Sensory World” is included in this course.

2 Hours • $60
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Class 204

Healing Through Attachment

Through an attachment assessment and detailed narratives, you’ll learn about the 4 types of adult attachment styles and discover your own attachment inclination. Gaining insight into individual strengths and challenges becomes a valuable tool in enhancing attachment to your own child and family.

3 Hours • $90
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Class 205

Your Story: Healing & Attachment

Central to this class is the wisdom we’ll draw from Michael Orlans and Terry Levy and their book Healing Parents: Helping Wounded Children Learn to Love and Trust. Resources and valuable insights are provided to help parents develop their child’s trust and create healthy self-worth in every relationship.

4 Hours • $120
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Class 206

Nurturing Secure Connections

Every parent wonders what is going on in the mind of the child they adore. Actions, behaviors, words, and deeds can baffle the mind of the most caring and rational adult! In this course, we’ll explore the possibility that everything your child does stems from his or her natural desire to learn, explore, and grow, to launch and return to a loving embrace.

2 Hours • $60
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Class 207

Parenting From a Secure Base

The longing to ‘belong’ is central to every heart, including your adoptive child’s. The practical, grace-filled examples of TBRI® principles—empowering, connecting, and correcting—will become the bedrock of the foundation you are building as you parent your child. The 120-minute video “Empowering, Connecting, Correcting” is included in this class.

3 Hours • $90
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Class 208

The Importance of Forming Bonds and Cocooning

In this class, we’ll remind you of the importance of cocooning and forming lasting bonds, what sort of transitional challenges could be ahead, give you some ideas for honoring your child’s origins, and maybe even pique your curiosity about how we want to support you and stay connected as your family grows.

2 Hours • $60
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Additional Advanced Courses

Class 210

Learning to Listen to Your Child

Building connection and a healthy relationship with your adopted child means entering their world. Inviting their stories, even when they are difficult to hear, listening with compassion, and practicing the art of ‘being with’ gives your child a safe place to share. In this course we’ll explore how to gain information from your child to help parent them well and how to identify what behaviors mean from non-verbal children as well as how to respond (or not) and what to do with the information you hear.

1.5 Hours • $45
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Class 301

Siblings and Family Integration

Adoption impacts each individual in the family differently. Adding a new family member, and all of the likes, dislikes, passions, and personality that come along with them, can throw the groove off of even the most flexible of families. Having realistic expectations, practicing the possibilities, and remembering what’s already true about your family, helps makes for an easier transition when adding a new brother or sister. This course will address the needs and concerns of both parents and children already in your home.

1.5 Hours • $45
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Class 302

TBRI® for Teens: Connecting with Older Children

Bonding with a teenager or an older child who has spent time in a home, a foster home, and/or an institution unprepared to meet their needs, comes with its own set of challenges. A child that’s beginning to question their adoption can require a whole new list of best practices for parents. In this course we’ll cover the short video “Toxic Stress & the Brain” as well as the two-part series, “TBRI® for Teens.”

2 Hours • $60
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Class 303.1

TBRI®: Empowering, Connecting, Correcting Part I

This course provides the practical examples and role-playing needed for parents to learn how to empower a child to physically and emotionally attune to a loving caregiver. You’ll come away with the tools and encouragement needed to connect with your child in a meaningful, healthy way, while also learning strategies to help a child course-correct when things get hard. The first session of the video “Empowering, Connecting, Correcting” is included in this course.

2 Hours • $60
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Class 303.2

TBRI®: Empowering, Connecting, Correcting Part II

This course continues the practical examples and role-playing needed for parents to learn how to empower a child to physically and emotionally attune to a loving caregiver. The second session of the video “Empowering, Connecting, Correcting” is also included in this course.

2 Hours • $60
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Class 304

Facilitating Behavioral Change

Discover the science behind the behaviors of vulnerable children. Dr. Purvis provides dozens of examples of TBRI® strategies to deal with the behaviors of children from hard places. It’s a joy to watch Dr. Purvis bring order, security, and contentment into tough situations with children. The 86-minute video “Facilitating Behavioral Change” is included in this course.

2 Hours • $60
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Class 306

Racial Makeup of Families & Identity of Adopted Children

Families whose adopted children have ethnicities different from their own, face unique challenges in family life, community, and culture. Your child’s experience is different from your own—and there must be space for them to express those experiences and feelings. This course will help families discover ways to honor their child’s birth culture as well as the community that they’ve brought their child “home” to join.

2 Hours • $60
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Class 307

Safety and Children with Sexualized Behaviors

Sometimes children from hard places have had almost unspeakable experiences that loving parents can’t even imagine. To bring healing, we must fiercely and unashamedly come alongside our children. In this course we’ll address topics of safety for every family member, how the symptoms of sexual abuse often present in children of all ages, and steps toward healing for the wounded child.

1.5 Hours • $45
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Class 308

Developmental Milestones

Although every child’s development is unique, children who come to us from challenging backgrounds take ‘unique’ to a whole new level. As parents we want to empower these children holistically—facilitating growth in mind, body and spirit—so they can reach their full potential. This course will provide a deeper understanding of child development, examining potential emotional triggers that will help you better meet your child’s needs as they grow.

2.5 Hours • $75
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Class 309

Exploring the Realities of Transracial Adoption

AGCI is partnering with Be the Bridge in the important conversation surrounding the topic of transracial adoption. Be the Bridge is a faith-based organization that believes in truth-telling, humility, respect, confession, grace, and justice. The vision of Be the Bridge is for people and organizations to gain awareness and respond to the racial brokenness and systemic injustice in the world, and that people are no longer conditioned by a racialized society but grounded in the truth where all are equipped to flourish. This course will allow you to step into an intentional study of race, adoption and culture.

6 Hours • $120
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