Providing Foundations for Parenting Children from Hard Places

In this foundational phase of ‘Families Are Forever’ you’ll begin to understand the lives of children who come from a place most likely very different from your own. You’ll gain knowledge that many who have gone before you have discovered about welcoming a child from a ‘hard place’ into your home and family. We’ll also strengthen your family’s foundation so that as a parent, you have the tools and knowledge needed to best meet your child’s needs.

This phase totals 18 hours and satisfies Hague pre-adoptive training requirements.

Class 101:

Preparing for the Journey of Adoption

In this class, we’ll explore Dr. Karyn Purvis’s 7 Insights and 7 Gifts that you can give to your adoptive child. We draw heavily from Dr. Purvis’s and her colleague, Dr. David Cross’s work throughout this program and their words will inspire you for the journey ahead. This video introduces the challenges of adoption and the ways you can empower your child to trust and heal.

2 Hours • $35
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Class 102

Introduction to Trust-Based Relational Intervention™

This class lays the foundation for most of the Trust-Based Relational Intervention™ (TBRI) teachings of this entire program. Much of the information that we’ll examine will be drawn from this material.

2 Hours • $35
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Class 103

Children’s Needs and Intercountry Adoption

In this class, we’ll go a little more in-depth into intercountry adoption processes. No matter what country you’ve chosen to adopt from it’s probably quite different from your own place and family of origin! We’ll respond to common questions from parents—including what your child is most likely experiencing in their foster home or institutional living situation, cultural differences and similarities as well as the laws and adoption processes from a country new to you in many ways. We’ll use this course as a foundation and then fill you in on many more specifics as your adoption journey continues.

3 Hours • $50
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Class 104

Understanding Children’s Development

The mystery of how your child becomes the small person you will meet some day begins with their developing brain and body—how does this development affect their emotional and behavioral make up? In this course, we’ll learn from the Karyn Purvis Institute of Child Development’s “Children from Hard Places and the Brain.” This video covers topics such as institutionalization and development and challenges parents to think about what it means to come from a hard place.  This teaching will start your exploration of what we hope will be a life-long desire to learn just ‘how and why’ children are who they are and how we as parents can be an enormous part of their healing. We’ll cover how the brain develops, the impact of trauma and institutionalization and how you can help change your child’s brain development through attachment.

2.25 Hours • $35
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Class 105

Common Medical Conditions

You’ve most likely said ‘yes’ to a child with a potential medical condition. In this course, you’ll be challenged to think about your understanding of special needs and learn more about how to consider whether or not you are prepared to adopt a child with a medical challenge.  We’ll cover some common medical conditions and we’ll do our best to provide answers to how you’ll parent a child with special needs. You’ll also hear from families who are parenting a child with a special need and how their life has changed.  We’ll leave you with some resources to explore as you consider how to make these very important decisions.

2.5 Hours • $50
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Class 106

Understanding Attachment

In this class, we will look at what healthy attachment looks like and how your attachment style as a parent can ease your relationship with a new child. Understanding attachment is an important part of every relationship—this video will give you the insights needed to start your own voyage of personal discovery as well as give you practical tools for purposeful connection with your child.

2 Hours • $30
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Class 107

Developing Attachment

The more you know about how to engage your child in the ‘attachment dance’ the more healing you’ll be able to bring and the more peace there will be in your home. This course offers some tools for engaging with a child from a hard place. We’ll also learn about incorporating mindfulness about where your child has come from, where he or she is developmentally, and how to gauge your interaction for healing.

2.25 Hours • $35
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Class 108

Transracial Adoption: Building Cultural Awareness

If your child is coming from a country where everyone looks different than what you see when you look in the mirror, then there will be ‘blending’ needed. Yes, we are all the same on the inside, but learning to acknowledge, celebrate, and understand cultural differences will be a life-long journey for your family. Take some steps with this course in deepening your sensitivity and opening your heart for those who are different from you. In this course, we’ll also explore transracial adoption from the point of view of both adoptive parents and transracial adoptees.

2 Hours • $30
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Learning to Connect with Your Child

This second pre-adoptive phase offers 8 interactive courses created to take parents deeper into the subjects of bonding and attachment and the practical ‘how-tos’ of parenting a child from a hard place using Trust-Based Relational Intervention™ (TBRI).  These classes – while both practical and idea-rich – will add valuable insights into the personalities and temperaments of each individual in your home. Through this series of articles, videos, and assessments, you’ll learn how to further connect and engage with your child. We’ll explore obstacles and challenges and the tools needed to develop a healthy, secure bond. In this series, you will also delve further into your own background and learn how you can heal & grow into even better and more prepared parents.

The 8 classes in this phase total 20 hours.

Class 201

The Importance of Playful Engagement

In this class, we’ll discuss how to confront challenging moments through playful interaction and provide practical tools for daily encouragement for children with a background of trauma. This section also explores ways to make play fun for yourself and your child and why play can often be difficult for adults.

2.0 Hours • $60
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Class 202

Healing and Healthy Touch

Everyone needs physical affection, but it can be difficult to know where to start when touch, or healthy touch, has been absent. This course offers practical tools for how to be affectionate with a child from a hard place as well as how to recognize and bring healing to sexualized behavior and understand healthy touch.

2 Hours • $60
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Class 203

Exploring the Sensory World

This lesson explores the ways in which we experience the world through the 5 senses and different coping mechanisms for sensory overload. In this segment, we’ll also discuss the importance of respect for our own, as well as our children’s bodies.

2 Hours • $60
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Class 204

Healing Through Attachment

Through an attachment assessment and detailed narratives, you’ll learn about the 4 types of adult attachment styles and discover your own attachment inclination. Gaining insight into individual strengths and challenges becomes a valuable tool in enhancing attachment to your own child and family.

3 Hours • $90
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Class 205

Your Story: Healing & Attachment

Central to this class is the wisdom we’ll draw from Michael Orlans and Terry Levy and their book Healing Parents: Helping Wounded Children Learn to Love and Trust.  Resources and valuable insights are provided to help parents develop their child’s trust and create healthy self-worth in every relationship.

4 Hours • $120
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Class 206

Nurturing Secure Connections

In this class, we’ll explore the possibility that everything your child does stems from his or her natural desire to learn, explore, and grow, to launch and return to a loving embrace.

2 Hours • $60
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Class 207

Parenting From a Secure Base

The longing to ‘belong’ is central to every heart – the child you are welcoming into your family is no different. The practical, grace-filled examples of the TBRI Empowering, Connecting, and Correcting Principles will become the bedrock of the foundation you are building as you parent your child.

3 Hours • $90
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Class 208

Wrapping Up & Getting Real

In this class, we’ll remind you of cocooning and forming lasting bonds, what sort of transitional challenges could be ahead, give you some ideas for honoring your child’s origins, and maybe even pique your curiosity about how we want to support you and stay connected as your family grows.

2 Hours • $60
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