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Building a Foundation for Parenting Children from Hard Places

Families Are Forever and Holt International have teamed up to provide essential training based on Trust-Based Relational Intervention (TBRI), a therapeutic model that trains parents to provide effective support and treatment for children who come from a place most likely very different from your own. You’ll gain knowledge that many who have gone before you have discovered about welcoming a child from a ‘hard place’ into your home and family. We’ll also strengthen your family’s foundation so that as a parent, you have the tools and knowledge needed to best meet your child’s needs.

Holt International Course Bundles

The following enrollment links are for families working with Holt International. Please consult with your case worker or home study provider to confirm your family’s specific education requirements.

FOUNDATIONS: Essentials for Adoption Preparation

Foundations classes are intended to provide adoptive families with core training concepts. You’ll be introduced to Trust-Based Relational Intervention®, attachment styles, and ways you can empower your child to trust and heal. Foundations is a 5 course series for a total of 7 hours. • $125

Foundations: ENROLL NOW

Class 160

Taiwan Heritage

Taiwan is renowned for its fascinating blend of traditional and modern culture. Traditions from Buddhism, Confucianism and Taoism influence temple celebrations, literature, and visual and performing arts. Learn more about this beautiful country as you prepare to adopt a child from Taiwan. This class is Hague-compliant.

1.5 Hour • $25
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Class 150

China Heritage

China’s cultural influence is felt throughout the world through its arts, sciences, production, cuisine and trade. Because of its massive geography and population, it’s easy to forget that China has many different ethnic groups with distinct dialects, customs and traditions. With a long and complex history, China is truly a fascinating country to study. This class is Hague-compliant.

1.5 Hour • $25
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Class 151

Colombia Heritage

Colombians are very positive people who “work hard to play hard.” The country’s contemporary culture reflects a colorful blend of Spanish, African and indigenous influences that have melded together. We’ll explore the culture and history of a country that flows from modern cities to Amazon rainforest. This class is Hague-compliant.

1.5 Hour • $25
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