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MoveMNT Adoption Consulting

Building a Foundation for Parenting Children who have had Challenging Beginnings

MoveMNT Adoption Consulting and Families Are Forever have teamed up to provide essential training based on Trust-Based Relational Intervention (TBRI®), a therapeutic model that empowers caregivers and parents to provide effective support for children who come from places most likely very different from their own. You’ll gain knowledge that many who have gone before you have discovered helpful in welcoming a child from a ‘hard place’ into your home and family. We’ll also strengthen your family’s foundation so that you as a caregiver or parent have the tools and knowledge to confidently meet your child’s needs.

MoveMNT Adoption Course Bundles

The following enrollment links are for families working with MoveMNT Adoption Consulting. Please consult with your case worker or home study provider to confirm your family’s specific education requirements.

MoveMNT Bundle: Essentials for Adoption Preparation

This 10-course bundle of classes provides adoptive families with core training concepts. You’ll be introduced to Trust-Based Relational Intervention®, take a deep dive into developing attachment, explore cultural awareness and learn about common medical conditions. Course credits provide a total of 21 educational hours. • $300



Class 208

The Importance of Forming Bonds and Cocooning

In this class, we’ll remind you of the importance of cocooning and forming lasting bonds, what sort of transitional challenges could be ahead, give you some ideas for honoring your child’s origins, and maybe even pique your curiosity about how we want to support you and stay connected as your family grows.

2 Hours • $45


Class 301

Siblings and Family Integration

Foster care and adoption impacts each individual in the family differently. Adding a new family member, and all of the likes, dislikes, passions, and personality that come along with them, can throw the groove off of even the most flexible of families. Having realistic expectations, practicing the possibilities, and remembering what’s already true about your family, helps makes for an easier transition when adding a new sibling – temporarily or permanently. This course will address the needs and concerns of both parents and children already in your home.

1.5 Hours • $30


Class 308

Developmental Milestones

Although every child’s development is unique, children who come to us from challenging backgrounds have even more ‘unique’ needs. As parents and caregivers we want to empower these children holistically—facilitating growth in mind, body and spirit—so they can reach their full potential. This course will provide a deeper understanding of child development, examining potential emotional triggers that will help you better meet children’s needs as they grow.

2.5 Hours • $55


Class 309

Exploring the Realities of Transracial Adoption and Caregiving

Families are Forever is partnering with Be the Bridge in the important conversation surrounding the topic of transracial adoption and caregiving. Be the Bridge is a faith-based organization that believes in truth-telling, humility, respect, confession, grace, and justice. The vision of Be the Bridge is for people and organizations to gain awareness and respond to the racial brokenness and systemic injustice in the world, and that people are no longer conditioned by a racialized society but grounded in the truth where all are equipped to flourish. This course will allow you to step into an intentional study of race, adoption and culture.

6 Hours • $90


Class 311

Talking to Kids About Race and Racism

Family should be the place where children feel precious and beloved. It’s also the place where their identity is nurtured and strengthened. When everyone in the family doesn’t ‘match,’ we have the unique opportunity of learning and growing together, and then championing the differences. What you say and (often more importantly) what you don’t say as parents and caregivers will be foundational to the identity your child takes into their teens, young adulthood, and the rest of their life. This course includes resources from Be the Bridge, a faith-based organization that believes in truth-telling, humility, respect, confession, grace, and justice. It will help you guide the thinking, reading, and conversation around race and racism for your whole family.

3 Hours • $65