Foundations for Parenting Children from Hard Places

The Families Are Forever Foundations bundle provides essential training based on Trust-Based Relational Intervention (TBRI®), a therapeutic model that trains parents to provide effective support and treatment for children who come from a place most likely very different from your own. You’ll gain knowledge that many who have gone before you have discovered about welcoming a child from a ‘hard place’ into your home and family. We’ll also strengthen your family’s foundation so that as a parent, you have the tools and knowledge needed to best meet your child’s needs.

These foundational classes total 7 hours of pre-adoptive training.

Class FAF 10

Preparing for FAF Foundations

Foundations classes are intended to provide adoptive families with core training concepts from Families Are Forever (FAF).  In this short class, you’ll be introduced to Trust-Based Relational Intervention® (TBRI) and FAF’s education platform.

30 Minutes

Class FAF 20

Introduction to Trust-Based Relational Intervention™

This class lays the foundation for most of the Trust-Based Relational Intervention™ (TBRI) teachings of this entire program. Much of the information that we’ll examine will be drawn from this material.

1.5 Hours

Class FAF 30

Building the Framework

This teaching will start your exploration of what we hope will be a life-long desire to learn just ‘how and why’ children are who they are and how we as parents can be an enormous part of their healing. We’ll cover how the brain develops, the impact of trauma and institutionalization and how you can help change your child’s brain development through attachment.

2 Hours

Class FAF 40

Understanding Attachment

In this class, we will look at what healthy attachment looks like and how your attachment style as a parent can ease your relationship with a new child. Understanding attachment is an important part of every relationship—this video will give you the insights needed to start your own voyage of personal discovery as well as give you practical tools for purposeful connection with your child.

2 Hours

Class FAF 50

Wrapping Up

In this final course of the Foundations series, we’ll explore Dr. Karyn Purvis’s 7 Insights and 7 Gifts that you can give to your adoptive child. Throughout FAF, we draw heavily from Dr. Purvis’s and her colleague, Dr. David Cross’s work and their words will challenge and inspire you for the journey ahead. This video introduces the challenges of adoption and the ways you can empower your child to trust and heal.

1 Hour