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AGCI Individual Class Enrollment

If you prefer to purchase courses individually instead of as a bundle, click the enrollment links below.

PLEASE NOTE:  You can save significantly by purchasing the course bundles:

AGCI 100-Level Bundle  |  AGCI 200-Level Bundle


FAF 101: Preparing for the Journey of Adoption

Enroll in FAF 101

FAF 102: Introduction to Trust-Based Relational Intervention™

Enroll in FAF 102

FAF 103: Children’s Needs and Intercountry Adoption

Enroll in FAF 103

FAF 104: Understanding Children’s Development

Enroll in FAF 104

FAF 105: Common Medical Conditions

Enroll in FAF 105

FAF 106: Understanding Attachment

Enroll in FAF 106

FAF 107: Developing Attachment

Enroll in FAF 107

FAF 108: Transracial Adoption – Building Cultural Awareness

Enroll in FAF 108

200 Level Courses

FAF: Prepare and Enrich

Enroll in FAF P&E

FAF 201: The Importance of Playful Engagement

Enroll in FAF 201

FAF 202: Healing and Healthy Touch

Enroll in FAF 202

FAF 203: Exploring the Sensory World

Enroll in FAF 203

FAF 204: Healing Through Attachment

Enroll in FAF 204

FAF 205: Your Story: Healing & Attachment

Enroll in FAF 205

FAF 206: Nurturing Secure Connections

Enroll in FAF 206

FAF 207: Parenting From a Secure Base

Enroll in FAF 207

FAF 208: Wrapping Up & Getting Real

Enroll in FAF 208