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Families Are Forever is an interactive online training program designed to strengthen adoptive families at any part of their journey. This training is grounded in Trust-Based Relational Intervention (TBRI®) which has proven to be a valuable resource for adoptive families.

AGCI is excited to offer post-adoptive families the opportunity to experience the powerful information inside Families are Forever with a complimentary class enrollment. Please use the following coupon code to register:  discoverfaf

Understanding Children’s Brain Development

This class will cover topics such as institutionalization and development, and challenge parents to think about what it means to come from a hard place. The class will cover how the brain develops, the impact of trauma and institutionalization, and how you can help influence your child’s brain development through attachment.

2.25 Hours • Enroll in Class 104
( coupon code: discoverfaf )

Understanding Attachment

In this class, we will look at what healthy attachment looks like and how your attachment style as a parent can ease your relationship with a new child. Understanding attachment is an important part of every relationship—the 90 minute “Attachment – Why It Matters Part 1” video will give you the insights needed to start your own voyage of personal discovery as well as give you practical TBRI tools for purposeful connection with your child.

2 Hours • Enroll in Class 106
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Developmental Milestones

Although every child’s development is unique, children who come to us from challenging backgrounds take ‘unique’ to a whole new level. As parents we want to empower these children holistically – to facilitate growth in mind, body and spirit – so they can reach their full potential. This course will provide a deeper understanding of child development, examining potential emotional triggers that will help you better meet your child’s needs as they grow.

2.5 Hours • Enroll in Class 308
( coupon code: discoverfaf )

We’re sure the tools you learn will prove tremendously valuable and we hope you’ll further your knowledge with additional classes as you see fit. 

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