Building a Foundation for Parenting Children from Hard Places

Families Are Forever and Hope’s Promise have teamed up to provide essential training based on Trust-Based Relational Intervention (TBRI), a therapeutic model that trains parents to provide effective support and treatment for children who come from a place most likely very different from your own. You’ll gain knowledge that many who have gone before you have discovered about welcoming a child from a ‘hard place’ into your home and family. We’ll also strengthen your family’s foundation so that as a parent, you have the tools and knowledge needed to best meet your child’s needs.

Hope’s Promise Course Bundles

The following enrollment links are for families working with Hope’s Promise. Please consult with your case worker or home study provider to confirm your family’s specific education requirements.

LEVEL 100: Preparing for the Journey of Adoption

During the pre-adoptive phase, FAF offers 8 interactive courses designed to prepare families for international adoption. These classes total 18 hours and are taken as families complete their home study. This phase satisfies Hague pre-adoptive training requirements.

100 Level: ENROLL NOW

LEVEL 200: Learning to Connect with Your Child

This second pre-adoptive phase offers 8 interactive courses (totaling 20 hours) created to move deeper into the subjects of bonding and attachment and the practical ‘how-tos’ of parenting a child from a hard place using Trust-Based Relational Intervention™ (TBRI).  These classes – while both practical and idea-rich – will add valuable insights into the personalities and temperaments of each individual in your home. You’ll learn how to further connect and engage with your child as we explore obstacles, challenges and the tools needed to develop a healthy, secure bond.

200 Level: ENROLL NOW

Level 300: A Deeper Understanding

These single-topic stand-alone classes are designed to take a more intentional look into topics that many families want to learn more about, or need some extra assistance with. From facilitating behavioral change to healing sexual abuse to facing racism, this wide range of topics are available to enhance your parenting abilities.