Why Families Are Forever?

Families Are Forever™ (FAF) is a Hague-compliant, interactive, educational platform designed to prepare families for domestic or international adoption. It’s our goal to provide families with the tools and resources they need to become loving advocates for their adoptive children. While the journey can be challenging, FAF is here to give families the knowledge needed to make the road ahead a little easier.

“Families are Forever has taken essential elements of Trust Based Relational Intervention® and broken them down into digestible portions of vital information for parents. Then added the element of connection and support through their online platform. They have not only infused the training process with invaluable information, but they have made it easy for people to engage with their online platform and flexible responding, it’s genius! Something I wish every adoptive family had access to.”

Amanda Purvis
Training Specialist – Karyn Purvis Institute for Child Development, Texas Christian University

How Our Adoptive Parent Education Works

Families Are Forever provides sequential and relevant training for each phase of your adoption journey. After enrolling, each time you log in, your courses will continue from where you last left off. Following the completion of each course, you will receive your training certificates.

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We are honored to be a part of your adoption journey. Our goal is to support and equip families as they prepare to bring home their adoptive children. We seek to educate, empower, and prepare you for the wonderful, and challenging road ahead.